Champion change with evidence based practice.

Certified Practising Principal (CPP) is the world's only independent, professional certification for practising principals seeking to hone their leadership skills. It is open to principals from all school education sectors.

The certification process is rigorous and well researched. Principals walk away with an enhanced ability to think critically about their practice and the tools to institute a long term strategy for improvement in their school.

Principals are awarded certification in recognition of excellence in educational leadership - valuable accreditation to springboard a career. The CPP award is a formal endorsement that the candidate has demonstrated the Australian Principal Standard (AITSL, 2011) in action, based on evidence they have generated and presented themselves.

Stand out as a leader

Forge your own path.

Being a principal is one of the most demanding and dynamic roles in the education industry. The CPP award is designed so it integrates into the workload that principals already manage. Candidates turn this opportunity for growth into tangible school improvements through critical assessment and reflective practice.

For earlier career principals, the CPP award offers the perfect opportunity to set themselves apart from the pack as an emerging leader on a results driven trajectory.

Raise the benchmark - inspire others to follow

The CPP award is the only national system for principals to demonstrate that they are implementing the professional practices and leadership requirements described in the Australian Professional Standard for Principals (AITSL, 2011).

The Standard sets out what principals should know and do. The CPP award requires experienced practitioners to evidence best practice and measure their own performance against the Standard and industry leaders.

As the CPP award operates nationwide, principals stand to gain from enriching interactions with a diverse range of peers from beyond their usual sphere of professional activity.

The CPP award lifts the calibre of the profession as a whole by encouraging the use of research-based practices. At the same time, it supports inspired leadership that fosters a culture of improvement in school communities.

Professional learning designed to meet principals’ needs

The CPP award has been designed to allow candidates to complete their certification portfolio regardless of the location, size, level, sector or context of their school.

Certification is awarded where supporting evidence and comprehensive reflective analyses demonstrate improved outcomes have been achieved.

Candidates are guided through a thorough process of implementing and monitoring strategies for improvement within their school. The process challenges and stretches their professional practice.

Designing a professional certification system

Certification decisions are based on evidence (rather than perceptions) that candidates are implementing practices described in the Australian Professional Standard for Principals (AITSL, 2011).

The CPP award depends on reliable and valid assessment of principals' demonstration of the Principal Standard in action.

The research underpinned the design decision that the best way to measure the complex performance of principals for certification purposes is to use portfolio assessment, taking a task-based approach. The tasks are called Portfolio Initiatives.

The assessment is rigorous (valid and reliable) and quality assured.

Evidence validation is achieved using an independently administered online tool designed specifically for CPP.

The implementation and impact of CPP is monitored in an ongoing program evaluation.